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Advanced Microscopic Welding Solutions

MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES is a unique and state-of-the-art facility, specializing in microscopic welding, and complete mold repair and revisions.  MICRO-WELD has the knowledge, experience, and leading edge technologies to accurately restore, improve, or change your mold or tool.


A State-of-the Art Facility - MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES has invested in leading edge technology, from the latest advancements in laser welding equipment and high speed machining, to our powerful CAD/CAM software. These technology investments allow MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES to a achieve a much higher level of quality, decrease downtime, and give customers a cost effective option to making parts over.

Experts in Emergency Repairs!

Highly Qualified Expertise - With over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing, the staff of professionals at MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES are experts in the fields of microscopic welding, mold and tool making, and machining. Along with experience, MICRO-WELD has proven documentation on real life circumstances and how to deal with emergencies. This allows MICRO-WELD the ability to address any situation and provide accurate options, without second-guessing.

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A One-Stop Welding, Machining, and Manufacturing Shop!

Rapid Turn Around - MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES is your single-source provider for repairs or revisions, machining, and manufacturing. This improves lead times and reduces overall losses associated with shipping costs, because MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES is not dependent on an outside source for additional services. By consistently "pushing the envelope" in our welding and machining techniques and processes, MICRO-WELD not only meets, but far exceeds our customer's expectations.

Our goal at MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES is total customer satisfaction,
even in the most demanding applications!

See what MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES can do for you!

Example of a broken insert - All dimensions have a tolerance of .0002”. This insert was laser-welded and machined to those tolerances.

Laser Welded Insert Laser weld for broken insert

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Example of a die cast insert that was rebuilt - A challenging 3-D milling was performed to restore dimension. Ribs 30mm (1.181”) deep and 2.5mm(.098”) wide at the bottom between ribs.

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-24-hour or same day turnaround
-Precision Tig & Laser welding
-Portable welding
-Production welding
-Complete machining services
-Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials
-Cross-referencing of tool steels
-Research & Development
-Precision fabrication
-Hermetic sealing
-Pick-up & delivery


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