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At MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES, we provide welding solutions to your most complex problems. We have developed techniques and invested in the latest technology to overcome problems associated with thermal impact from welding. The most challenging welds, including mirror finishes, textures, and deep pocket welds, are an everyday occurrence at MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES.


Micro-Tig Welding

If you are requiring a resolution for larger, more complex shape build-ups, micro-tig welding is the solution. Micro-tig welding is performed with a very low amperage welder, a high powered microscope, and surgeon-skilled hands. This form of tool repair takes years of experience to master, and is a core competency at MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES.

Micro-Tig Welding for Complex Build-Ups Ejector Pin Hole Damage

Benefits of micro-tig welding include:

  • A cost effective tooling repair process.
  • Minimal sink and distortion.
  • The ability to weld in very tight and deep areas, up to 4".
  • Optimizing large, complex build ups of various shapes and sizes.
  • A portable welding solution for larger tools.


Laser Welding

Laser welding is a relatively new process to the tool repair industry. Laser welding uses a complex and precision laser source, a high powered microscope, and a motion control system. The pin point accuracy of laser welding allows for maximum control of weld placement. Very small welds can be achieved .008" in diameter without any residual heat effecting nearby tolerances.

Benefits of laser welding include the ability to:

  • Process heat sensitive parts, such as electronic and medical inserts.
  • Master welds with zero sink and zero distortion.
  • Weld non- ferrous and special alloy materials, such as aluminum, mold max, brass, and more.
  • Weld very hard, powered metals without realizing any cracks.
  • Weld without any preheating.


Production Welding 

Another quality service we provide is our production welding capabilities. With a 4-axis CNC Laser Welder, and production tig welding systems, we can achieve both small batch prototypes and large production runs.




Bonal Technologies Metal Lax Stress Relieving

The Bonal Technologies Stress Reliever enables MICRO-WELD TECHNOLOGIES relieve stress generated during the welding process.  With this capability, we can perform large weld build- ups while minimizing distortion of the part and reducing the chance of cracking. Because stress is eliminated, your tool will perform like new. With this system, we are also very successful in repairing cracked cavities. Benefits of the Bonal Technologies Stress Reliever includes:

  • Relieved stress before, during, and after welding has been performed.
  • Minimized distortion.
  • Lower preheated temperatures.
  • Less amps are needed to perform welding, resulting in minimized heat input.
  • Eliminated stress after machining.

The following example depicts a large build-up on an aluminum cavity.


The following example depicts an engineering change to an automotive lens tool. This change involves completely removing rib and build-in material for the radius. These cavities have a mirror finish and are held flat over complete 12” length to within .0005”. The four cavities are tig-welded, then laser-welded to remove sink surrounding the weld perimeter.


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